Maps Coffee & Chocolate, Coffee Roaster in Lenexa, Kansas

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I was recently in Lenexa getting the car fixed. I’m not that familiar with this part of Johnson County, so I gladly followed up on a tip from family members about a coffee shop that was a short walking distance from the repair shop. I was also intrigued by the name, “Maps Coffee & Chocolate,” as I have streamed Geoguessr for the past three years on Twitch. Geoguessr is a geography game about maps and culture. It has developed a reputation as being that game where professional players can identify a location by the soil in the picture, tree types, or bollards.

Yes, I can do that too. But as a player, game host, and lifelong geography nerd, I’m more fascinated with culture, language, architecture, history and anything other than obscure “meta.” (That’s what professionals call obscure clues like signs and soil color). I’ve even compiled a global map of coffee shops and roasteries around the world that are shown in Google Maps.

On my visit to Maps Coffee & Chocolate, I found not just a comfy coffee shop, but a busy roasterie. The main coffee shop area is indeed decorated with maps and geography themes. One wall displayed all of the roasted coffee that was for sale. There isn’t any barrier between the main public area and the roasting area. That added to the vibe, if you sit in the main shop, that you are in the midst of the roasterie. But this lack of, at least audio, separation may bother some patrons. Personally, I can easily focus on reading, social media, or laptop stuff while the noises of the roasterie are happening near by.

I ordered a mocha, which is my favorite style of coffee. It also felt like a proper way to judge a coffee shop that also has “chocolate” in its name. The mocha was superb. Smooth with good chocolate notes. Exactly what I expect from a coffee shop that does its own roasting.

I was confused about the “chocolate” part of the shop name. Expected to see some artisan chocolates in a display or some kind of other chocolate dessert. There were desserts displayed next to the counter, but I wasn’t getting a chocolatier vibe.

Turns out that they do craft their own chocolate. I definitely want to try or buy that on my next visit. Maps also sells something called “edible coffee.” Think small bars that look like chocolate bars. With no chocolate ingredients? Very curious. Worth trying.

Maps is definitely a place I’ll visit again next time I’m in Lenexa.

13440 Santa Fe Trail Dr, Lenexa, KS 66215

Mocha coffee and a good book
Historic Lenexa, Kansas
Front of coffee shop
Counter and maps!
Fresh roasted coffee
Cozy coffee shop vibes

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