Pizza Tascio: Authentic New York Style Pizza By The Slice

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This review was originally published in my newsletter in February 2022. Since then, Pizza Tascio has opened several more restaurants around Kansas City. I recently dined at their Overland Park location.

I’ve long been a fan of New York-style pizza for years, often making an effort to seek it out locally. There are many pretenders to being able to replicate the NYC by-the-slice experience, but few who manage to pull it off. Especially here in the Midwest. Notable examples of getting close to this style were the late Rozino’s Pizza in Madison, Wisconsin and Pizza 51 and Johnny Jo’s here in Kansas City.

I’ve had NYC-style pizza in New York City. I remember having some outstanding slices from places I don’t remember. But I do recall the fun options at the Two Boots Pizza chain.

New York-style pizza is characterized as being wide slices with very thin crust. The slices are foldable.

I was very excited to hear about the opening of Pizza Tascio in North Kansas City. They’ve opened in a small building on 1111 Burlington Street, just over the bridge from downtown Kansas City, Missouri. I tried a slice of their White pizza, which consisted of mozzarella, fresh ricotta and olive oil. Perfect!

We also took our junior review crew to Pizza Tascio for our first restaurant excursion since before the pandemic started. I wanted to introduce the duo and their friend to what I suspected would turn out to be real New York style pizza. I wasn’t disappointed. They all tried cheese slices. Everybody enjoyed the pizza. Our young critic who is a notorious abstainer from pizza ends shared: “They do the crust right.” There was some talk about the pizza tasting like “ravioli sauce.” It’s been a long time since I’ve had NYC style pizza, so I don’t know if that comparison is on the mark. I prefer white pizza (see above), so I didn’t try their tomato sauce.

White pizza slice, a Chuck favorite

In December 2022, the Youth Review Crew and myself went to their new Overland Park location before driving around looking at Christmas lights. We arrived at the restaurant after the dinner rush. There were still plenty of slices and the worker apologized for the selection. The pizza was great.

1111 Burlington St, Kansas City, MO 64116-4124
1302 Frederick Avenue, Saint Joseph, MO 64501
Pizza Tascio Overland Park, 6705 W 119th St., Overland Park, Kansas 66209


An old school NYC cheese slice
Burlington Street location in North Kansas
Overland Park location

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