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When 2020 started, I had ambitious plans for this blog. Hoped to review dozens of Kansas City area restaurants in 2020. Wanted to create more guides to local cuisine, especially on popular food districts like West 39th Street. The year started with the launch of our comprehensive guide to vegetarian dining around the Kansas City area: Best Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Kansas City. Unfortunately, the pandemic changed our plans, as it also affected everybody in our region (and around the world).

As the situation evolves, we are making plans to resume our reviews and our guides. Some of our reviews may be of food picked up from restaurants, even though we haven’t really enjoyed any restaurant food in the past 5 months (other than the excellent pizza from Spin, for family gatherings). We will try and combine fresh takes on the current offerings from restaurants with our past dine-in experiences (with photos).

We hope to resume a more regular restaurant review schedule in 2021, along with some new things. Speaking of which…

A Chuck Eats KC Podcast in 2021?

We are currently exploring plans to start a podcast in 2021, which will feature with the people who make Kansas City food, as well as our own musing on the local food scene. Stay tuned!

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