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Chuck Munson

Meriwether Café: An Authentic Third Place in Leavenworth, Kansas

The Meriwether Café in downtown Leavenworth, Kansas can be described as a third space that encapsulates the social good of third spaces. While it’s a restaurant, coffee shop and gift shop, it’s also a space where you can take the kids, meet up with a date, take some time to read the newspaper, or have a public coffee klatch with friends.

Chuck Munson

BIBIBOP Asian Grill: New Asian Fusion in Waldo

Bibibop is a new fast casual Asian fusion restaurant in Waldo. Korean style customized bowls with vegan and gluten free options.

Fish tacos
Chuck Munson

Cancun Fiesta Fresh: A Decade of Appreciation

Fresh, affordable, delicious Mexican food with vegetarian options in the heart of Westport. One of my favorite local Mexican restaurants. I’ve been a regular for over a decade.

Chuck Munson

BurgerFi: Gourmet Burgers With Veggie Burger Options

As a vegetarian for most of my adult life, burger chains and restaurants were mostly off my radar for many years. Around 15 years ago, gourmet burger restaurants started becoming more common and many of them often had a veggie burger on the menu.

Chuck Munson

5 Favorite Coffee Shops in Kansas City

A look at Chuck’s favorite coffee shops around Kansas City, including Downbeat Coffee and Tea, Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffee, Broadway Café, Sister Anne’s, and Monarch Coffee.

Chuck Munson

Dos de Oros: Family Style Mexican in South Kansas City

A family style Mexican restaurant with a large menu, friendly staff, and some refreshingly different vegetarian options. They have a delicious quesadilla that makes quesadillas worth ordering again.

Kansas City Restaurant History

Bygone KC Restaurants 3

In my third installment of visiting bygone Kansas City restaurants, I look at Chutes, Waldo Astoria, Mrs. Peters Chicken Dinners, Italian Gardens and other family favorites.

Bygone KC Restaurants 2

In my second installment of visiting bygone Kansas City restaurants, I look at Joe’s Barn, Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant, EBT, Whisker Rivey’s and other family favorites.

Bygone KC Restaurants 1

Annie’s Santa Fe, KC Masterpiece, Mama Tio’s, Putsch’s Cafeteria