Shawarmar: Fast Middle Eastern in Midtown

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I love falafel and Middle Eastern food. As a long-time vegetarian, Middle Eastern dishes and restaurants are a reliable dietary option. Kansas City has some awesome Middle Eastern restaurants but doesn’t have as many restaurants as it should. So I was very excited a few years back when Shawarmar opened in a former fast food chicken spot on Linwood, just a block East of Main Street. Midtown finally got a fast Middle Eastern concept that offers drive-thru, takeout, tasty food, and friendly service.

Shawarmar primarily offers drive through service and walk up windows, but earlier this year, added an outdoor seating area. While this outdoor area can’t really be used in the cold month, most of the year it is a welcome alternative to eating in the car or having to run the food home.

On my several visits to Shawarmar, I usually choose the Falafel Wrap or the Falafel Deluxe Wrap. The Falafel Wrap features vegan falafel balls with hummus, fresh house salad, pickled turnips and drizzled with tahini sauce. The Deluxe version adds fried eggplant, hard boiled eggs and French fries. I find the plain Falafel Wrap to be very filling, but the Deluxe version adds a twist and fills you up if you are especially hungry.

Their homemade falafel is just awesome, with the right flavors and crunch and consistency. Their pita is fresh, soft and delicious. The other ingredients are the right combination to make these wraps worth making Shawarmar a regular lunch option.

They also offer several shawarma chicken wraps, a beef and lamb kebab wrap, and the Shish Tawook Wrap (breast of chicken). All of these meat options and the falafel format are available as bowls with basmati rice.

Salads include Fattoush and tabouli. Sides available include pita, hummus, fries, lentil soup and more.

The staff have always been friendly when I’ve ordered at the take-out window. The owners are very active in the local food scene—they frequently share photos of their food and updates on their restaurant.

It’s still hard to find healthy menu options at fast food restaurants, so Shawarmar is a welcome addition to the local food scene. It’s also locally owned, which is another plus. Shawarmar is not only a great lunch option for Midtown residents, it’s worth the trip if you live anywhere in the area.

Shawarmar, 23 E Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64111


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