Hummus and Pita

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One of my favorite cuisines is Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food. I love discovering a new falafel restaurant or one that has a great dinner platter. Most of this is because I have adhered to a vegetarian restaurant for decades and this cuisine is very vegetarian friendly. Recently, I discovered a falafel restaurant in downtown Overland Park and then returned a week later with a friend. Hummus and Pita is an amazing falafel restaurant. I can see why it has been busy both times I’ve visited.

Hummus and Pita is located on Santa Fe Drive, just west of downtown Overland Park, but before the roundabout. The space has around 8-10 tables, seating outside, and an open kitchen. The menu is a big sign on the wall next to the counter where you order food. Menu is easy-to-read and well organized. Lots of options, including plenty of vegetarian ones. Parking was easy to find.

On my first visit, I ordered the Falafel Sandwich and fries. A falafel sandwich or wrap is my go-to order at this kind of restaurant. I don’t get falafel often, so that make the decision easy. Falafels are round fried balls of ground chickpeas and spices.

Restaurant falafel is usually made fresh, but it can still be tricky to get right. I’ve had restaurant falafel that was very dry and bland. A few times, I’ve bought falafel that tasted like the packaged powder you make at home. The falafel at Hummus and Pita was perfect. Flavorful and not dry. You can see my reaction on the video shorts I made about that visit.

The other key components to a great falafel sandwich are fresh pita, vegetables, and dressing (or sauce). Hummus and Pita nailed the pita. Tasted fresh. It was thick, chewy, and nothing like those superflat, lifeless pitas that many Americans buy from the grocery store. I expect lettuce, tomatoes, onions and cucumbers and/or peppers. They got this right too.

The fries were great. I’m not a french fry guy, but I loved their fries and devoured them without any condiments. Had the fries on both visits.

A week later, a best friend was visiting from out of town. He prefers a vegan diet, so I suggested that we visit Hummus and Pita. Managed to get there despite the latter half of the storms that dumped 6 inches of rain on south Kansas City. We both got the Grilled Veggie Sandwich. Also had the fries and an order of falafel and pita for our side. Grilled veggies were done well. The portion size was the same at the falafel sandwich, but grilled veggies are denser. Felt like I could have taken half of it home. But this is a perfect size for most diners and affordable.

They are expanding the size of the store. Looks like they will be doubling in size. The staff were busy, but friendly and efficient.

8039 Santa Fe Dr, Overland Park, KS 66204

Casual dining room, open kitchen
Love a menu that is easy to read and close to the ordering counter
Falafel Sandwich and Fries
So, soooo tasty!
Not a fry guy, but these were good without condiments
Grilled Veggie Sandwich
Close up of the grilled veggie extravaganza
Your falafel whisperer and food critic

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