National Donut Day 2024 – What is Your Favorite Donut Place in Kansas City?

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June 7th is now celebrated as National Donut Day. It’s an unofficial day, like many American “National Days.” I would prefer to call it Doughnut Day, as that is my preferred spelling, but let’s just celebrate donuts.

What is your favorite doughnut source or shop in Kansas City? What is your favorite donut? Do you miss any donut shops? Please comment below the pictures, which I’ve included to jog your memories and whet your appetites.

Chuck Eats KC has run two polls over the years, asking Kansas Citians about favorite donut shops. The two winners so far are: Lamar’s and Donut King.

vegan doughnuts
Captain Picard is ready for his doughnuts! Mud Pie Vegan Bakery.
Hen House
Cider doughnuts from Johnson Farms.
Duck Donuts
My favorite! Quik Trip chocolate Old Fashioned donut.
Krispy Kreme

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