Mi Ranchito: Mexican With Lots of Menu Options

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I had heard about Mi Ranchito several years ago and had put it on my restaurants-to-try short list. A few months ago, I started taking my father to a weekly appointment that was next door to the Mi Ranchito in Olathe, Kansas. One afternoon, we enjoyed a late lunch at Mi Ranchito. We opted for the outdoor patio.

Let’s talk about the menu. In this case, menus. Most Mexican restaurants have menus with lots of options, but Mi Ranchito has that and more. They have a huge specials menu. Large menus can induce a case of choice paralysis, but they also give you the opportunity to try new dishes. Then it’s a case of the kitchen being up to putting out anything diners are ordering that day.

I normally order vegetarian items from Mexican restaurant menus. But lately I’ve been opting for fish tacos, mostly to provide a baseline of comparison across restaurants I’m trying and reviewing. It’s also an opportunity to try more items on menus. While I’ve been eating an ovo-lacto vegetarian diet since 1989, I started eating seafood every few months in the late 2010s.

I think I ordered the “Fish Taco Del Rio” lunch special. That included a grilled tilapia taco, with toppings, black beans, and rice. In my opinion, the toppings are an integral part of a restaurant fish taco. The fish is important, but if I’m paying over $10 for a platter, there had better be veggies and sauce on the taco. I really enjoyed this fish taco. Presentation was nice, fish tasted great, and the veggies were the right mix. With the rice and black beans, this platter filled me up.

If I were running a tier list of fish tacos around Kansas City (maybe a future Youtube video), I’d rate this fish taco as an A- or B+.

My father was my dining companion this day. He had a special with a meat burrito or enchilada. Probably pork or chicken. I don’t remember, but some of you may be able to identify the format in the picture below. He enjoyed his platter.

I’m definitely going to go back to their restaurants to try more items on the menu(s).

Mi Ranchito
Six area locations in Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, and Gladstone.
Website: https://www.ordermiranchitokc.com

Your reviewer, enjoying his favorite food ritual, chips and salsa before the main course
This is just one of the menus
Fish taco, black beans, and Spanish rice
Close up of the fish taco
My father’s carne burrito platter
My father, the “Bud-man”
Chips and salsa
Main dining room
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