Romero’s Autentica Comida Mexicana – Mexican in Downtown Weston, Missouri

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If you are in downtown Weston, Missouri and are hungry for some Mexican food, check out Romero’s Autentica Comida Mexicana on Main Street. I visit family in Weston fairly often and am trying out the restaurants. I recently stopped in this restaurant on a Saturday afternoon.

I had a great conversation with the friendly owner about Weston and some recent current events I was curious about (mostly that truck crashing into the bridge on Interstate 29). I took a look at their menu and asked what vegetarian options were available. This is often a good litmus test for finding a good Mexican restaurant. The owner pointed out some options and made it clear that selection could be made vegetarian or vegan.

I always appreciate restaurants that can accommodate off menu changes and Mexican lends itself to free form variations. It’s pretty common to see dozens of menu options on a Mexican restaurant menu.

I opted for their vegetarian fajitas with cheese and without sour cream. I’m not a fan of sour cream in my Mexican meals. Just extra calories without adding much in flavor or texture.

I was happy with my food. Grilled veggies were good. Salsa and guac were fine. My only suggested change would be to expand the veggie fajita plate. Most restaurants include lots of components to a fajita entree, including beans. I don’t recall getting flour tortillas with my order.

Romero’s Autentica Comida Mexicana
501 Main St, Weston, MO 64098

Main Street
Dining room
Vegetarian fajitas
Vegetarian fajitas
Vegetarian fajitas
Dining room

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