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Chuck Munson

My Vegetarian Backstory

I became an ovo-lacto vegetarian in June or July 1989, when I was living in south Lawrence, Kansas. It wasn’t a gradual thing. I quit meat cold turkey one day.

Chuck Munson

Mi Ranchito: Mexican With Lots of Menu Options

I had heard about Mi Ranchito several years ago and had put it on my restaurants-to-try short list. A few months ago, I started taking my father to a weekly appointment that was next door to the Mi Ranchito in Olathe, Kansas. One afternoon, we enjoyed a late lunch at Mi Ranchito.

Chuck Munson

National Donut Day 2024 – What is Your Favorite Donut Place in Kansas City?

It’s National Donut Day today, June 7th. What is your favorite donut store or source in the Kansas City area? Your favorite donut?

Chuck Munson

Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que: First Visit

I’ve been wanting to visit Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que for years and talked about the restaurant a year ago in my Youtube video about Kansas City barbecue. The restaurant is now considered to be one of the metro’s premiere barbecue destinations. Part of that comes from its reputation as the barbecue joint in a gas station.

Chuck Munson

Kansas City Restaurant Openings, Closings, and News – May 2024

Restaurant openings, closings, and news from around Kansas City. Aqua Penny’s opens in Park Place. Quik Trip deploys new coffee machines.

Chuck Munson

Maps Coffee & Chocolate, Coffee Roaster in Lenexa, Kansas

Maps Coffee & Chocolate is an indie coffee roaster and shop located in historic Lenexa, Kansas. Tasty coffee and fresh chocolate.

Kansas City Restaurant History

Bygone KC Restaurants 3

In my third installment of visiting bygone Kansas City restaurants, I look at Chutes, Waldo Astoria, Mrs. Peters Chicken Dinners, Italian Gardens and other family favorites.

Bygone KC Restaurants 2

In my second installment of visiting bygone Kansas City restaurants, I look at Joe’s Barn, Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant, EBT, Whisker Rivey’s and other family favorites.

Bygone KC Restaurants 1

Annie’s Santa Fe, KC Masterpiece, Mama Tio’s, Putsch’s Cafeteria