Lulu’s Thai Noodle Shop

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Lulu’s Thai has been a regular stop for me since I returned to Kansas City in 2003. I don’t recall if I discovered the restaurant when I started attending First Fridays or if I found it while looking for vegetarian restaurants around Kansas City. This was their original location on Southwest Boulevard. They’ve since moved to a new location in the Crossroads and opened a second location in Westwood, Kansas. The restaurant first opened in 1997.

Lulu’s is the type of restaurant where I can dine on my own, have lunch or dinner with a friend, or take a parent for a special occasion. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that it has many vegetarian options (strict vegetarians and vegans should double check about ingredients for specific dishes).

Lulu’s has become one of my family’s favorite restaurants. My octogenarian parents have become big fans, telling me that Thai restaurants are now their preference over Chinese restaurants. It is a top preference for meals that my mother and I have together, though over the past year we’ve mostly gotten curbside from their Westwood location.

My favorite Lulu’s entrée is their Wild Mushroom Curry with rice. This has consistently delivered spiciness and good flavors over the 15 years I’ve ordered it. You don’t just get one type of mushroom in this curry, you get four! You also can’t go wrong with their other curries, which include green, yellow and Massaman (with potatoes and peanuts). All the usual protein choices are available for the curries. I always get tofu.

My other entrée favorites (always vegetarian versions) are Drunken Noodles, Pad Thai, Blazing Wok Bowl, and Basil Fried Rice. Pad Thai is such a go-to dish for many Americans enjoying Thai cuisine. Lulu’s version is excellent. I tend to go with something more off the beaten path, like their Blazing Wok Bowl or the Drunken Noodles.

I remember when the original location in the Crossroads moved to a new building and added a special street food menu. It feels like that part of their menu has been pared back from what I recall, but their small plates, salads and soups are all top notch. I’m a big fan of their vegetarian spring rolls and the lettuce wraps.

Lulu’s has a lunch menu with options not available during dinner. I really like the Masala Soy Curls Vegan, because it offers an unusual twist on the standard tofu dish.

I’m curious about the new Ma Po Impossible Vegan, as I’ve never had Thai entrees with any of the popular meat analogs like Beyond Meat or Impossible.

Several months ago, I tried out the curbside service from Lulu’s Westwood location. Was extremely impressed with their fast, efficient, safe service during a busy Friday night dinner hour. There were at least two other cars and the “food valet” was shuttling orders out to cars rapidly. An excellent example of why restaurants need to continue curbside as much as possible.

Crossroads: 2030 Central Street, Kansas City, MO 64108,  816-474-8424
Westwood: 2701 W. 47th Ave, Westwood, KS 66205, 913-677-5858

The photos below were taken over the span of several years, so please excuse us for not remembering the names of the dish in each photo.

Drunken Noodles with Tofu?
Inside the Westwood location
Thai lettuce wrap
Pad Thai?
Westwood, Kansas location

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