Meshuggah Bagels: Authentic New York Style Bagels

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I’ve been a fan of Meshuggah Bagels since they opened in 2016. I had been searching for a New York–style bagel source when I had returned to Kansas City in the early 2000s. Was looking for a bakery that made bagels like the late Bagel Place in College Park, Maryland. There had been a local chain in Kansas City, in the 1990s, with a location in Leawood that was good, but it was bought up by Einstein Bagels. Meshuggah Bagels brought Kansas City the chewy, large, flavorful bagels that I was looking for.

A New York-style bagel is traditionally a large bagel with a chewy inside and crispy on the outside. Typical toppings include poppy, onion, sesame, and the “everything” combination. Other common varieties are salt, rye, bialy, and cinnamon raisin. The baking process includes boiling and then baking. There has been lots of ink spilled and discussion about what makes New York bagels so special. Most research points to water composition in New York City.

This type of bagel is also much larger than mass-produced bagels. Weighing in at an average 6 ounces (170 g), New York-style bagels are perfect for sandwiches and toppings on top of cream cheese schmears. Meshuggah has 14 kinds of schmears. My go-to is the “Veggie,” which ma be one of the best veggie schmears I’ve ever had.

Their sandwiches include Salmon, Whitefish Salad, Smoked Nova Salmon, Salty Lox, and Pastrami Nova Salmon. Of course, you can take bagels home and make your own sandwiches. My favorite bagel sandwich involves a cream cheese schmear, a fresh tomato slice, and basil leaves out of the garden.

While you can toast this variety of bagels, New York-style are generally enjoyed sans toasting.

Three area locations: West 39th St., Overland Park, and Power & Light District.


  • Meshuggah Bagels sign on outside of building
    Meshuggah Bagels sign at Overland Park location

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