Starting the KCK Taco Trail: 60 Taco Joints in the Next Year? #KCKTacoTrail

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Did you know that Kansas City, Kansas has a “Taco Trail”? Is that a trail of tacos that you follow to the race track, NFM or Children’s Mercy Park? Did somebody leave this trail of tacos for some prize or insidious reason?

Kansas City, Kansas indeed has dozens of Mexican restaurants and food trucks, which is enough reason for the city to promote its taco cuisine. If you want to participate, or just discover new places to eat, Visit Kansas City, Kansas has a website and an “app” that you can use to find tacos.

I love tacos and want to explore more of KCK, so let’s participate! Chuck’s Kansas City is going to spend the next year visiting all of the taco restaurants on the Taco Trail. I will photograph, document, review, and share my progress on this delicious quest. Here are my rules for this project.

  • My deadline is the Cinco de Mayo 2025. April 15, 2025 is the official deadline.
  • Visit all restaurants on the KCK Taco Trail, including new additions
  • Photograph every visit and food eaten
  • If a restaurant or food truck doesn’t have vegetarian or seafood tacos, go with a friend who can try the tacos. Chuck will get a different menu item if possible.

I welcome you to join me on this journey or at least share your thoughts on you favorite places in Kansas City to get tacos. If you want to participate in the Trail, follow the instructions on their website. Use the hashtag if you are sharing on social media.

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