Which Kansas City Restaurants Do You Miss?

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It’s time for Chuck to dust off his research skills and visit local libraries and archives for some culinary history research. Which restaurants that operated in the Kansas City area do you miss? What did you love about them? Did you find a replacement?

Leave your comments and suggestions below. I will take your suggestions, do some research, and report back.

My previous look backs on this blog at KC restaurant history have been very popular.

Part 1
Annie’s Santa Fe, Jasper’s (original location), KC Masterpiece, Mama Tio’s, Putsch’s Cafeteria, Sam Wilsons, Schaal’s Pizza, Shakey’s Pizza, Skies Restaurant, Smaks, Tippin’s, Trader Vic’s, Yello Sub

Part 2
Baby Doe’s Matchless Mine, Betty Crocker Tree House Restaurant & Bakery, Chopstix / Chien Dynasty, EBT, The Golden Ox (original), Joe’s Barn, Patrikio’s Mexican Restaurant, Ruby’s Soul Food, Stephenson’s Apple Farm Restaurant, Venture, Whisker Rivey’s, Zepi’s Pizza, Zuider Zee

Part 3
Casa De Montez, Chutes, Eddy’s Loaf ‘N Stein, Gomer’s Chicken, Italian Gardens, Jacks or Better, Mrs. Peters Chicken Dinners, Sol Azteca, Victoria Station, Waid’s, Waldo Astoria / Tiffany’s Attic, Woolworth’s

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3 thoughts on “Which Kansas City Restaurants Do You Miss?”

  1. Jose’s shutter inn, mama rosa’s, marvalene’s, cork and cleaver, imperial palace, forbidden city (martin city), leona yarboughs, house of toy, wimpy’s


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