BIBIBOP Asian Grill: New Asian Fusion in Waldo

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A couple of weeks ago, Dining Companion and I tried out Tikka Twist in Lee’s Summit, a fast casual Indian food concept that features customizing your food at the counter (ala Chipotle). Last week we tried a similar concept in Waldo, this time a Korean (Asian fusion) fast casual restaurant (located next to the Chipotle) that features a bibimbap ordering format.

When you get to the ordering area of Bibibop, a staff person greets you and hands you a mini menu that explains and illustrates the ordering process and options. They explain the process and answer any questions. You can mix and add as many ingredients without additional charges being added.

Creating your bowl starts with your base. Options include salad, rice (purple or white), or Japchae noodles (sautéed sweet potato glass noodles). You can mix several bases. Then you can add a hot topping like black beans, potatoes or bean sprouts. Next are your cold toppings, mostly vegetables (the heart of most bibimbap bowls). Options include red cabbage, carrots, corn, daikon, sesame kale, cucumbers, kimchi, eggs and cheese.

There are a bunch of delicious sauce/dressing options: gochujang, teriyaki, sesame ginger, cucumber wasabi, and more.

Finally, you can choose proteins: organic tofu, steak, chicken or spicy chicken.

Available sides include kimchi and miso soup.

Dining Companion really loved Bibibop. Like me, they are a recent fan of bibimbop style entrees. Their take on Bibibop:

“That was very good. I probably could have sat and ate that all day. I like all the options. Really like the base options like the sweat potato noodles and the salad base.”

I had the Japchae noodles as a base, with tofu as the protein. For toppings I had daikon, red cabbage, bean sprouts and black beans. For my sauce I added the delicious cucumber wasabi dressing.  I was pleasantly surprised by the explosion of flavors in the bowl. That may sound like hyperbole, but the bowl’s many flavors worked together to provide a taste experience that was different. As a vegetarian looking for low calorie, plant-based options at restaurants, Bibibop’s bowls are an exciting new option.

The salad option for the base opens up salad options for diners looking for low calorie or plant-based meals. Kansas City is seriously lacking when it comes to salad and plant-based options at chain restaurants. Those looking for vegan and gluten-free fast food will love this Bibibop.

I’m excited to see Waldo get a restaurant like Bibibop. The Waldo neighborhood holds a special place in my heart as I grew up there. I lived in the neighborhood from the ages of 1 to 3 and later attended elementary school there. Restaurants and coffee shops in Waldo have been regular stops for me over the decades.

Bibibop also has an outdoor patio and shares a parking lot with Chipotle. Bibibop is not just a tasty option for Waldo, it’s a welcome addition to the Kansas City food scene.

BIBIBOP Asian Grill, 505 W 75th St., Kansas City, Missouri 641

Bibibop mini menu

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