Cancun Fiesta Fresh: A Decade of Appreciation

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When I moved back to the Kansas City area in 2003, one of my culinary worries actually was: Where would I be able to find a Mission style burrito? In the Washington, DC area I had my sources, including Burrito Brothers and the old Taco Fiesta in College Park. I had discovered the Mission burrito on my regular trips to San Francisco. Whenever I visited San Francisco, the first stop was always Pancho Villa Taqueria in the Mission for lunch. Would Kansas City let me down?

I found a Mexican restaurant in Westport, Mesa Wraps (which was located on the same block where Port Fonda is now). They had a Mission style vegetarian burrito. Chipotle eventually became one option, but in the late 2000s, I discovered Cancun Fiesta Fresh in Westport. It became my regular source for vegetarian burritos and more.

Cancun Fiesta Fresh is a brightly colored little joint set back from Pennsylvania in Westport. It’s across the street from the Char Bar. The fake palm tree and outdoor lights may not be a huge outdoor presence, but this is a comfy, clean, friendly place to enjoy delicious, affordable Mexican food. Especially street tacos! It may not be huge, but it has an ample supply of tables, inside and outside. You order from the counter and food is brought to your table.

Cancun offers the standard formats for Mexican food: burritos, hard and soft tacos, tortas, chimichangas, taco salads, tamales, platters, and plenty of combinations. Choices of meats include asada, adobada, carniatas, carne deshebrada, cabeza, and chorizo. As I’ve highlighted earlier, they have an excellent vegetarian burrito. I like Cancun’s style much better than Chipotle’s. They also have pork tamales to go.

A couple of years ago, I was on a special diet, so I had to cut back on Mission style burritos. I decided to try Cancun’s fish tacos as a lighter entrée option. The fish tacos haven’t disappointed and are currently my preferred protein / main dish option.

I love the staff at Cancun Fiesta Fresh. They have been consistently friendly and helpful over the past decade of visits. Food is made quickly. It’s always the right thing you’ve ordered. Tables are cleaned quickly by the staff.

As somebody who does digital media marketing and social media promotion, I want to give a shout out to whoever is doing social media for this restaurant. Excellent, top notch work.

Cancun provides its own delivery service for customers living in Midtown.

Cancun Fiesta Fresh, 4019 Pennsylvania Ave, Kansas City, MO 64111

Cancun Fiesta Fresh
My favorite casual Mexican joint. Westport, KCMO
Veggie burrito, chips and salsa
Fresh guacamole and chips
Fish tacos and salsa
Cinco de Mayo chips and salsa
Cinco de Mayo chips and salsa
Fish taco.
More fish tacos

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