Dos de Oros: Family Style Mexican in South Kansas City

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As a resident of Midtown Kansas City in recent years, I’ve cultivated a set of favorite Mexican restaurants in my “rotation” that are on the Boulevard or around Midtown. Even though I grew up in South Kansas City and Johnson County, I’d mostly written off finding and patronizing Mexican restaurants in those areas. But earlier this year, my family suggested that I try Dos de Oros, which they had recently discovered. Even though the family has lived in southern Kansas City for the better part of 50 years, we had driven past the little strip mall on Holmes Road numerous times and had never tried Dos de Oros.

Dos de Oros has a large menu, but during my last two visits, I ordered from their lunch special menu. I had their #12 and #14 vegetarian combos. The #12 features a cheese and onion enchilada and the #14 has a spinach enchilada. But the other item on these combinations is an exciting discovery for me: an excellent grilled veggie quesadilla.

Finally, a reason to have a quesadilla again!

Even as a vegetarian of over two decades, I always avoid the cheese quesadilla option at restaurants, unless it’s the only veg-friendly food on the menu. Why? Because most restaurants treat quesadillas as children’s food. It’s just cheese melted on a tortilla. Even kids get tired of that. But the grilled veggie tortilla at Dos de Oros is an exciting change: grilled veggies, cheese and chipotle seasoning.

I should also point out their excellent spinach enchilada. It’s hard to find this kind of enchilada around Kansas City. Two of my dining companions and I actually have a running list of where to find them.

Love the family style atmosphere of the restaurant, which was packed each time I visited. The staff were friendly and excellent.

I understand that they’ve recently opened a new taqueria around the corner on Blue Ridge Blvd.

February 2020 Update

Dining Companion and I recently returned to Dos De Oros for lunch. They had the combination I usually have, and I tried the Taco Salad with grilled vegetables. Vegetarian Combination #14 features a cheese quesadilla, spinach enchilada and side salad. DC said: “One of my favorite vegetarian plates. That is so good. Love the fresh spinach. One of the best things I ever ate. So yummy!”

DC noted that the enchilada sauce had a garlic taste, which gave the enchilada even more flavor. They liked that the side salad had a fresh greens mix with a tasty vinaigrette. They mentioned that the chips are thin and just right. Our server also explained to us that the “spicy” salsa was too hot on its own and advised us to mix it with their regular salsa.

The grilled vegetables Taco Salad was probably the best vegetarian salad I’ve ever eaten. It actually didn’t have much black beans or rice, which are ingredients I love in my Mexican food, but I didn’t mind the ration because the bowl was packed with grilled veggies, fresh salad mix, avocados and a dressing. Their taco salad is a huge winner.

13029 Holmes Rd, Kansas City, MO 64145, 816-942-0020


Taco Salad with grilled vegetables
Vegetarian Combination #14 with quesadilla, spinach enchilada and side salad

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