Kin Lin

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Most of us have a favorite neighborhood Chinese take-out place, but where can you go if you want to kick up that style of affordable food up a notch and enjoy even more options? Are you looking for a restaurant with the standard take-out neighborhood feel, but still more casual than a family-style sit-down Chinese restaurant? How about a place where you can dine by yourself and not feel self-conscious?

Since I moved back to Kansas City in 2003, Kin Lin has been one of my favorite places to get Asian food. I have probably dined here, or gotten takeout, dozens of times. I have taken friends here. But I have not visited Kin Lin in the past couple of years and I understand it has gone through a bit of upgrade, mostly in terms of service, probably due to changes to the block. A new Whole Foods grocery store stands across the street, in a huge new multi-use building.

If you are an urban resident like I have been for decades in multiple cities and you are a fan of Chinese food, you develop a rotation of favorite spots for your favorite dishes. As a vegetarian over the past 30 years, I have found that Chinese restaurants are awesome because there are so many options. For me, being what I call a “tofu vegetarian,” Chinese restaurants are a good excuse to get tofu dishes. My favorite has long been black beans tofu. My passion for that dish will be explained in a future blog.

Black Beans with Tofu

Kin Lin has offered consistently good dishes and service over the 15+ years I have patronized the restaurant. They expanded the restaurant several years ago. They serve the busy UMKC campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

What are my favorites?

They make an excellent Black Beans with Tofu, which as I have mentioned, is my favorite dish. They get the tofu right and the sauce is perfect. The next favorite would be their Eggplant with Tofu in Garlic Sauce. I also like their Tofu Home Style, Sesame Tofu, and the Curry Tofu. They have 20 vegetarian dishes and 20 more vegetarian options on the “Authentic menu.

Delivery and take out available.

314 E 51st St, Kansas City, MO 64112-2701. 816 561 4334

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